Movies in the Park

Tickets are also available at the gate! 

FAQ’s and General Drive-In Etiquette:

  • Movies are limited to 75 vehicles – Price listed is PER CAR, not per person.
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the gate. The gate will open one hour before showtime!
  • You will hear the movie through your FM radio. We do not rent out radio’s for movie audio
  • Please print a copy of your confirmation email, or be able to show your confirmation on your phone – THIS IS YOUR TICKET IN! Tickets must be able to be produced upon request.
  • Please park your vehicle so the orange pylon is centered in the middle of your hood. Lawn chairs are permitted in front of your vehicle, not beside. Sitting on top of your vehicle is not permitted.
  • You may park backwards and sit in the back of your vehicle, but your hatch must be tied level with the height of your roof so you don’t block the people behind you.
  • All passengers must be in the vehicle at the time of entry and there must be enough seatbelts for all passengers.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE! We have garbage cans available! Let’s keep the park clean!
  • Large RV’s, campers, motorhomes, semi’s and busses are not permitted.
  • Excessively over lifted or overheight vehicles will be directed to the last row. We reserve the right to assign parking spots if required.
  • This is a “Drive-In” event only, no bikes or walk-ins allowed.
  • All spots are first come, first served; please follow the direction of the gate attendants.
  • Physical Distancing protocols will be in effect for those needing to use the washroom or concession facilities.
  • Capacity limits are in place at the concession and washrooms, please adhere to those limits and line up 2 metres apart outside.
  • While using the washrooms and/or concessions masks are recommended.
  • On-site concession: we accept credit/debit/cash
  • Causing a disturbance or failure to obey the rules and regulations of this event will result in removal from the premises, no refunds will be given.